Hello world! My name is Victor and I have a huge passion for all sorts of businesses. I invest in a multitude of stocks and options. I also dedicate some of my time to building micro-businesses. I spend much of my time reading business-related books. Before we move on about myself, about this site:

-I make business concepts simple for you to understand.

-I review and summarize key points from books into short and easy to read articles.

This is a great place for students who want to start exploring business, investing, entrepreneurship and other ideas!

More about myself: I did three years as a nursing student before I made a switch over to business. Looking back in my nursing years, what surprised me the most was how little I knew about the business world. Reading my first investment book changed my life, and I have been reading business books ever since.

Here are some of my thoughts on investing:


3 “Rules” for my readers:

1. I strongly encourage anyone to read business-related books [for obvious reasons].

2. Always, ALWAYS do your own research regarding any business matter!

3. Don’t forget rule 1 and 2.